Mosaic Quilting

The local modern quilt guild got some free fabric from the national folks so that we could all participate in this quilting challenge… Is this foray into the quilting world overwhelming you? OK! The point is, I am sewing with some fabric I didn’t pick out. The plus side is that it’s free!

I struggled with finding a good pattern for these fabrics. I’m a big fan of quilts that look like stained glass – mostly because I’m a big fan of stained glass – but I’ve never made one.  So I was excited to see this “Mosaic Quilting” tutorial from the cool quilt blog “Oh Fransson.” It is one of those sorts where you arrange the fabric in crazy shapes all higgledy piggledy (spelling?) so it looks like it was thrown together haphazardly, but actually it is taking me EONS to figure this out. Not sure that I have, actually, but it’s growing on me.

Pictured below on my clematis vine!

Modern Quilt Guild Habitat Fabric Challenge

Not sure this was the best project to dive into after a month away from my sewing table, but, here we are!


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