Matching Quilts

Circles and SquaresI think these quilts are filed under “modern.” I am still trying to figure out exactly what that means, but apparently modern quilters get mad at you if you think you are a modern quilter but aren’t really making modern quilts. Achtung!

I love quilts the that are popping up everywhere with fun bright colors on neutral backgrounds. This use a mix of designer brights and crazy vintage fabrics. I especially love the flashes of crazy fluorescent spring green that is so early 90’s it makes my teeth hurt. My dad got it in an auction box. Definitely best used in moderation.

Circles and squaresI thought I was quilting them with pebbles quilting, but it’s not, really. It’s cool how not knowing how to do something the right way allows you to come up with something completely different. So, I am calling it lazy circles, because it is a bunch of leisurely circles.  Or maybe, “Lazy Leisurely Circles” – that is fun to say. I used variegated (aka color changing) thread which looks mega awesome.

The top quilt has not been washed, the bottom quilt has. Washing the quilt shrinks the batting by 1-2% making the quilt crinkly.

Anyway, these coordinating quilts are up on my Etsy page this morning! Bright LinesI have a bunch of other quilts posted up there, which I’ll talk more about later.

Next up: I want to dye fabric this weekend, or soon. I have the fabric and the dye; now I just need the gumption.Bright Lines

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