4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Tea Cozy

  1. Christie

    Hi, thanks for posting this tutorial. Its the only one I have found with a bottom (important for cold drinks that sweat!). What is the seam allowance for this project? I have a taller/slimmer jar than the standard quart size, so I am needing to re-figure the measurements. Thank you! 🙂

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  3. Mac

    This is a great idea! I totally could not get it to work with a 4″ diameter circle at the bottom, though. Are you sure you didn’t mean 4.25″ or 4.5″? I it made it work with 4.5″, but 4.25″ might be the sweet spot, depending on the seam allowance. You can see my pics here: http://thehappyhomester.com/uncategorized/how-to-give-imperfect-handmade-gifts/ The person I gave it to immediately asked for more to give to some of her family members. 🙂

  4. Karen Martin

    Did you use a Ball brand mason jar? I made the cozy per your measurements, and I was even stingy with my seam, making it smaller than 1/4″, but it is still too tight. I have to squeeeeeze that jar in. It is a gift so maybe if you use a different brand jar, I can buy one and it’ll fit better. Thanks so much. It was a lot of work, and so cute. So I’m hoping I don’t have to make another right away.


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