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Making Trees

I have been playing around with making these tree quilt blocks, which I have seen in various places. My original plan was to make a similar sort of tree block the size of an entire quilt, since I am into giant quilt blocks lately, and also because there are so many gorgeous large scale tree printed duvet covers floating around, inspiring me…but after making some smaller sample blocks, this tree block isn’t my full size tree block.  Here is a very similar block kit for sale from Oakshott Cottons, btw, if you want to make your own!

Tree Quilt Block Progress

Mainly, because they are a little wintry – for a full size quilt, I think I want some leaves on my tree. And they don’t scale up nicely – these are 11×12.5 and I think much bigger doesn’t look right.

However, it is a fun improvisational piecing block and a great way to tear through some scraps.  And I’ve made a nice little forest for the back of my green and gray batik quilt.

Tree blocks

And now to sew them together. This was a long process fraught with confusion, I kept second guessing myself, but suddenly it was done, and I love it!

I still need to bind it, wash it, but couldn’t resist taking it outside in the beautiful weather!

Tree Quilt
Tree Quilt

Ok, I will second guess this – I wish that the trees and green lines extended all the way to the edge on the bottom left corner. But, this part will be hanging off the edge of the bed, so it doesn’t really matter.
Tree Quilt

Loving making double-sided quilts. So much of the work of quilting (for me) is picking out colors, quilting, binding – which you only have to do once in a double sided quilt… It takes more trouble to make the second side, but much less than two quilts. And, I have been using the back side to experiment with new things.

This is for a friend’s wedding – I doubted it all throughout the process and suddenly now that it’s quilted I love it — and hope she does too! It’s a queen size so, if she doesn’t love it, I want it back and I’ll make her another.  😉
Tree Quilt

I quilted it with my new tool, meander quilting. I have done free motion quilting but never this basic wandering stitch. I think for this quilt it was the best option.  It’s my second quilt using it. I don’t know if I’m getting better at it, but I am getting more confident – which for me, might be a bad thing…

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  • stephanie

    i LOVE this quilt. holy cow. And i really like the back as it is. For some reason it gives me the impression of looking out a window where your tree panels are stained glass panels around the window.

  • Sunni @ Love Affair

    Just gorgeous. I love the front. I love the back. I am completely smitten with it. And I don’t really do batiks, so that just goes to show what a difference great design can make. Don’t second guess yourself anymore.!

  • Kristy QP

    Oh this is just beautiful! I love the trees. That’s a block I keep meaning to do but never get around to it.

    Loving the double sided quilt too – plus when (if?!) you get tired of one side, you can have a mini room makeover just by flipping the quilt over! 🙂

  • deb m

    I love your improv trees, love, love, love! I know that seems extreme, but I do, lol. Of course i love trees in general. I found you through Sunni @ love affair. I’ll stop back by soon. Thanks for sharing

  • Becky

    Wow, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your trees and this quilt. I like to make double sided quilts for the same reasons you mention. Your design gave me an idea of making a full-size tree using several different blocks to create a large tree. Can’t wait to try it!

  • NancyinSTL

    Your idea of double sided quilts is smart. For me, everything is fun, except the machine quilting. I like to hand quilt, but there’s just not enough time to handquilt all of the quilts I make.

    I just made a block using your tree technique–my upcoming Baker’s Dozen Exchange theme is “trees”–and this block was a lot easier and quicker to make than the first set of tree blocks I made. Oh, and it’s so much prettier too. Thanks!

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