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image I took a machine quilting class last fall and the teacher let me borrow a pair of her Machingers. They were so awesome that I immediately bought a pair and now wear them every time I sew.

They have sticky fingers so you have total control over the way the quilt moves. Plus the cool white gloves make you look like a mime, and your boyfriend can say, “Oh, are you wearing your MACHINGERSss???” because he thinks that word is really funny. They are awesome for free-motion quilting, but it actually makes attaching binding and straight-line quilting easier, more accurate and less stressful on your wrists.

Not un-stressful enough – I just bought a wrist brace and now my wrist feels incredibly awesome and powerful and also not like it’s stabbing me to death every single second. So now I am quilting and I have a brace and my mime gloves, (I mean my MACHINGERSsss), so my hands look incredibly, incredibly sexy.

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