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Work in ProgressOk! I posted a picture back in February where I said I was going to make a quilt with these fabrics. Here it is! I used my handy bolt of Wonder Under fusible webbing and glued it all down. I’m probably not going to satin stitch around everything because my head would explode.

Instead I am probably going to pin it up and just go around all the edges using free motion quilting.

But I wonder – should I put a border on it? It’s about 4.5×5 feet right now.

I love this fabric. Next: I pulled this fabric out of the remnants bin at Joanns. I figured it would be a piece of a map but it’s our whole awesome planet! So, now I get to make a Planet Earth Baby Quilt.  Because this is the kind of people we are, Matt and I immediately started examining Africa and the Post Soviet area to see if it was up to date. I think it is! Giving a baby a map quilt is a real snapshot in time huh?

And last, some Amy Butler laminated cotton. A Fabric For My Front Porchcouple houses ago, we had a covered porch and built a front porch swing out of some scraps we found in the back alley. Now we don’t have a covered porch, so I want to turn our swing into a bench. So, I need to make it a little more water resistant, hence my future stylish bench cover. The gal at the world’s most beautiful sewing store told me she her fabric held up well to sun and rain outside all last summer.

My soon-to-be in-laws are in town this weekend and I thought that would be a good deadline to get this made and get the porch swing out of the living room. Not that they care what our house looks like. After Matt’s years of living in dirty falling-down punk activist houses, I’m sure as long as no one gets scabies they’ll be pleased with our new place.

Catch ups from last week: I still haven’t decided how to bind my whole cloth quilt:

Whole Cloth Quilt Back and I need to draw a giant buck to free-motion quilt onto my camo quilt, which I haven’t decided how to do that yet (I do have a drawing), so that is waiting too. I have my two hand-dyed quilts languishing in a pile, one just needs pinned, so it has to stop raining so I can pin it outside on my front deck. So much for my plan to have fewer projects going on.

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  • Kelldandy

    The planet fabric totally reminds me of the Where in the World is Carmen San Diego game show. I’m imagining a tiny person running around putting posts on the countries.

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