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Linen Wedding Signature Quilt

If you keep an eye on my flickr page – and, you know, I’m sure you do breathlessly check it 100+ times per day, you may have seen pictures of this linen block quilt popping up here and there.

Here it is being basted via my patented (not actually patented) front porch basting method. It is a lovely coincidence that the parts of my porch not covered by furniture = a king size quilt.

Clematis and pinning quilt in progress

And thank the gods of thread and rotary cutters I took this picture, because after I quilted this bad boy, I tossed it in the wash and…hold on to your hats…ink came out of it.

I am a very calm person with perspective on the fact that there are worse things in the world than faded quilt ink, but I had to set it aside for a few days before I could look at it. I then used this picture to re-construct the really faded parts and touched up the parts that had only faded a little. Wow, it only took me a second to type that sentence, but it took me, umm, at least 8 seconds to touch up the ink on this quilt.

It is made with Robert Kaufmann essex linen/cotton blend, which is lovely to work with is HEAVY in a queen size quilt. I pre-washed and tested the fabric – in fact, I have a piece of exact same linen with the exact same markers in my group of ‘test swatches’ that has been through the washer probably 20 times with no fading – so I have no idea what happened.

Linen Wedding Signature Quilt

But during some lovely audiobook listening (The Night Circus anyone?), I fixed up the ink, heat set it twice, tested it with a little toothbrush spot scrubbing with no fading, and sent it off to it’s owner with a note to hand wash it in the future.

This quilt, like all the other custom quilts I’ve worked on, was a really fun project to chat with the customer and come up with a design we were both excited about.

All that being said, there were a few moments in there where I wished I had a regular full time job, because day dreaming about working part time and making quilts with the rest of your time is sometimes more satisfying than the actual process…But no, I’m a very lucky person.

The back is this fun pink print – can you see the seam where the two pink pieces meet? – Maybe? I tried to match them up.  I like this technique of adding the cream linen fabric to stretch out the backing a little.

Back of Linen Wedding Quilt


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