Let me see you Jelly Roll

During the month of April, which I believe is coming soon, despite the fact that IT IS SNOWING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW, I will be traveling for two weeks and also probably moving for the rest of it. So, I probably won’t be sewing much.

Despite the fact that I am moving soon and wasn’t planning on buying any more fabric until I was almost of
fabric (ha ha) I bought a Moda Jelly Roll of the It’s a Hoot collection on an etsy page that was donating all their proceeds to relief efforts in Japan. So, it was for a good cause. And there are a few more pieces up there!

If you don’t know, a jelly roll is a big wad of 2.5 inch wide strips that generally coordinate in someway. So, they are like a pre-cut quilt parts. Except you can only make blocks that use 2.5 inch strips.

Because I almost never buy designer fabric, I feel really obligated to make something magical with this jelly roll. I’m thinking something with lots of white.

On the Moda Blog, they have lots of free quilt tutorials, including the two posted. Thoughts?

Update: I have all this brown fabric and have been wanting to do a brown quilt with triangles and saw this and thought – yes, that is what was in my brain. 

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