Sewing Clothes

Layer Me Up Tunic and Dress

Sew all the clothes!

The problem with sewing clothes instead of quilts is I never feel self conscious taking pictures of my quilts in the backyard, but the 5 minute selfie photoshoot I did of my bust this morning trying to get a good shot of the neckline of this tunic would have been pretty embarrassing if any curious neighbors had wandered by!

I got some mustang fabric from girlcharlee, and it was burning a hole in my sewing room, so I had to make a tunic. This fabric is incredibly soft and nice to sew with. It’s lightweight, but not see through. And it has horses on it.

This is the Patterns for Pirates Layer Me Up pattern (which I made another of here).  I decided to make this version with sleeves and cuffs. Turns out I love making cuffs – who knew?

Ok, here are the pictures of the neckline I risked all of my dignity (Let’s be real, I have no dignity) to take. I think it looks great despite me pulling it down a million times all day to nurse (I mentioned I have no dignity). My last two necklines were not so great. I think I’m perfecting the “stretch the collar not the shirt” secret to successful knit necklines? And here is a link to the Etsy shop I got that teething necklace from.

Mustang Layer Me Up Tunic

Maybe a grey background isn’t perfect for a gray dress. If I was clever I would have styled this with boots and maybe some actual leggings instead of running tights – but it’s 90 degrees. That’s why my hair is in the bun my bestie likes to call “The Governess.” I totally saw Fergie rocking this hairstyle in a New Year’s Eve special so I claim it as legit fashion.

I used my leftover fabric to make some baby leggings, since regular pants don’t really fit over her mega cloth diaper bootie. We don’t generally wear our matching clothes on the same day. Mustang Layer Me Up Tunic

I didn’t modify the pattern except to take in the sleeves a half inch. They are still a little loose and awkward looking, but I didn’t want to make them too tight – looser sleeves allow more freedom of movement for swinging around babies. Mustang Layer Me Up Tunic

Though I was super careful  about it, I somehow managed to sew the horses on the hemband upside down. You’re welcome. I did not have the energy to fix it. We’ll call it a design choice.

One last view of my shirt is in this little montage of clothes I’ve been making for baby. I can’t get enough of the Baby Got Back Leggings! and I modified two Peek a Boo patterns to make a lap tee hoodie to keep the sun off my red-headed baby. But the real point of this photo is you get another shot of my nice mustang neckline. And my baby, who loves eating pants.
Baby hoodie and dot pants

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