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Kreinik Thread is Based in WV!

Pretty shiny thread that won't send you to the nuthouse!I have seen Kreinik Thread highlighted in various forums, blogs, etc. and finally bought some a few weeks ago.  I was so pleased to see it is made in a state that I love, West Virginia! I can’t believe I lived and embroidered in WV for over 5 years and didn’t know this!

They have other clever products, including iron-on thread (!) and HOLOGRAPHIC THREADs.

I have been obsessed with making Christmas Ornaments and Christmas is a time for sparkling. I have a few shades of metallic embroidery thread from Rainbow Galleries (“Treasure Braid”) which is nice to stitch with (side note: I hate that the thread cards don’t fit in my embroidery box). I picked up some shiny Kreinik and I’m loving it – as well as the spools!

Unfortunately, DMC metallic thread is clearly some kind of secret military plot to destabilize society by creating homicidal rage among typically mild-mannered crafters. Whenever I stitch with DMC metallic floss, it is like those episodes of Star Trek, where it is a normal day, then all of a sudden everyone is trying to kill other. Normally this irrational fury is caused by a space virus, but in this case, it is caused by thread that looks awesome, and then as soon as you start to sew with it, it is breaking, shredding, sticking, and tangling, no matter how much Thread Heaven you smear it through.

So, anyway, if anyone wants a several skeins of DMC Metallic thread, just let me know…I’ll be stitching with my shiny, locally made thread!


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