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Infinity Scarf! and Spoonflower Cotton Voile Review

I made a few infinity scarves today – I used the free pattern from Pink Chalk Fabrics, which was the easiest to follow of the 2-3 I looked at. It’s pretty simple. It took me an hour and a half to make two, including selfie photoshoot in the bathroom (what has the world come to?) and blogging about it and picking out which tutorial to use.

Note: My fabric had slightly different dimensions than the tutorial and both scarves turned out fine. Got to work with what you have!

I made an #infinityscarf using the @pinkchalkfabrics tutorial and some #spoonflower voile fabric that used a picture from our trip to Yellowstone

I also wanted to review the Spoonflower.com custom printed cotton voile. Spoonflower had a little mistake (honestly can’t even remember what happened) on an order a few months back and gave me a free yard of fabric (great customer service!). I got a yard of cotton voile printed with a tree photo from our honeymoon.

Spoonflower Fabric

This is what it looked like at the Spoonflower shop. When the fabric came, it was pretty stiff and heavier than I had hoped, but I tossed it in the wash and it softened up a lot! It’s pretty soft now, not as silky as some voiles, but it has a nice body that makes it great for a fluffy scarf.  It is pretty sheer. You could definitely make two scarves from a yard, but I removed the top left corner for a secret tote bag project.

Anyway, it turned out cool. The print quality is really pretty and very true to the original photo, though a little darker, as tends to be the case in my experience with Spoonflower.

For my second scarf, I used this vintage white cotton embroidered fabric I had gotten in a friends destash some years ago. I came across it digging around last night and HAD to use it in a scarf.

Pretty sure this vintage cotton puffball (whats it called) embroidery came from @egould_  its turning into an #infinityscarf today!

It has the sweet little puffballs on one side and the other side is almost prettier with little knots making the same pattern. Since I had to cut it and piece it to get it to the right size, I used have of the fabric with the puffies sticking out and the other half has the knot side out. It’s a bit stiff, I think I’ll toss it through the wash to fluff it up and soften it a bit.

Cats wandered into my ‘photoshoot.’ Lucky they matched my outfit!

And the white vintage embroidered #infinityscarf I am going to (gasp!) Write a blog so I needed photos.  #catsmakethewarmestscarves


With my new lightweight scarves, I am totally ready for spring… 🙁 which is never coming?

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