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Indigo Bunting

Last week when I was out walking along the Olentangy River I saw an Indigo Bunting – I think. But let’s say yes, because they are such interesting and pretty little birds.  And they are migrating through Ohio around now, so why not?

Anyway, we’ll also say it was a bunting, because that themes with my newest Etsy offering – bunting – as in, a row of flags. In my newest listing, I am playing with a few popular Etsy memes – blurry photographs and the word “circus” indiscriminately applied to your product.  We’ll see if it works.

I am also offering blue and pink hand dyed bunting.

I received a hand printed card recently and in the note on the back the artist had written, “Every card comes with free cat hair!” I can say that is true for my products as well!


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