If you liked it then you should have put a bag on it.

I’ve kind of given up on my goal of doing a handstand – at least in the next two weeks. I forgot to take into account that I am spending 2.5 weeks in December either traveling or entertaining houseguests, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for strength training and yoga practice. Whatever, universe!

My new goal for December is to learn how to make bags. As I have previously admitted, I am pretty bad at sewing anything that isn’t a quilt.   I’ve now dipped a few toes into the world of three dimensional sewing.

Since this blog is really boring, we’ll think about purses to the tune of Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg. 1993 !

New things I need to learn:

    • Interface, bee-yotch! At my last quilt guild meeting (I Love sentences that start with that phrase!!!) two ladies had gorgeous bags they had made and both of them complained about what a terrible beast the interfacing was to work with. Basically, Interfacing is something you stick to fabric to make it stiffer and more durable. It is annoying to work with, because it adds bulk, but also there are 3 MILLION KINDS. LITERALLY! Ok, not literally. I made myself a sampler pack of 6 different types though and have been figuring out which work best.
    • Zippers. Blargh. I have a few zipper horror stories from high school when I used to sew clothing. Let’s just say my senior prom dress was held together with safety pins. No, really!
    • Working from the inside-out. And then turning it all right side out and hoping it looks like you imagined it would when you were sewing it all together wrong side out.

Here is the first bag I made. It is kind of based on this bag, but that bag is much nicer and also smaller.  Mine fits one week of winter clothing in it! It’s red on the inside and kind of looks like a circus. Whatever.

New Bag~

New Bag

And here is a corner of a different bag I cut off (on purpose – – when making the bag bottom). I thought, “Hey, this looks like a hat for a cat!” Look how happy my cat is to have stuff on her head!

Stuff on my cats head

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