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I Want a New Pie!

Wait, is this a metaphor?I heard on NPR that Pie and Kale were going to be very trendy foods in 2011. This is very exciting news for me as I really like Pie and Kale, and though I have never tried Kale Pie, I can imagine it being delicious with mushrooms and maybe pine nuts or something. So anyway, since I am way ahead of the curve on this kale/pie thing, I guess I’m going to be really popular this year! Yeah!

Of course, the ever-positive thinking boyfriend pointed out that now kale might get really expensive, if it becomes trendy. Because spinach used to be cheaper.  Gah!

But, whatever, a new year, a new pie! I love this quote by Winona LaDuke:

“We don’t want a bigger piece of the pie, we want a different pie.”

Yes, I realize it’s a metaphor, but what a delicious one! Here’s to social justice in 2011 – and to free stuff – because if you click on the picture, you’ll get a free pdf of the drawing I used to make the pie.

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