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I Need a Seam Ripper Theme Song

I have been going out on a limb a little, using batiks for the first time. I love it when other people use batiks, but it’s not very natural for me. I have been really unsatisfied with how it’s looking, and I can’t decide if it’s because I don’t like the colors or I don’t like that it’s not what I’m comfortable with.

After much fussing (and more grumping) I’m taking a seam ripper to about half my colors and giving them the boot.  And then I guess since I turned this queen sized quilt into a lap quilt, I’m going back to the store. Blergh!

On the bright side, I have been very happy with my curved piecing foot and the Drunkards Path Template 7″ blocks I was hypnotized into buying at a curved piecing demo at last month’s quilt guild meeting. It is slightly less painful to be brutally murdering half my quilt when I think of how quickly it was cut and pieced!

I want it to look watery and natural, with greens to gray, but it looks more washed out than watery.


See other people quilt more successfully (hopefully for them!) at Freshly Pieced!

UPDATE! Husband walks in and says, Well, what’s your seam ripper theme song? (I guess he reads the blog!) I decided “Barracuda”)


  • Lori

    Never heard of a curved piecing foot….
    Colors are so hard…. Photographing them seems to really show me where my issues are when my eyes can’t *see* it. I try to lay them all out *before* I cut, but then I don’t have your shnazzy template, either! But I do love to quilt in this style!

  • Amber

    Hey! I feel ya on the ripping out bit. I am there most of the time and I think just the prospect of making a mistake and then having to spend time ripping it out deters me from starting a lot of my must anticipated projects haha. Okay but I found this seam ripper at Lee Valley I’m not sure if I can post the link here… I don’t want to feel like I’m spamming ya but if you go to leevalley .com or .ca depending on your country then search seam ripper… its aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamazing I lub it! The conventional seam ripper has been seriously neglected in an age of developing better ways, but this kinda makes up for it. I just bought 4 billion new blades for it… guess I’m committed to it. Love your blog and your quilt! I have not had the guts to start anything curved yet no idea where to start on that so I am thoroughly impressed!

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