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How to Keep Track of Your Seeds and Garden Schemes

July 2011 022
June 2011 042

The sunflower above grew from our bird feeder and was a big success with neighborhood birds and squirrels.

I am by no means any kind of expert gardener, but I am a robust amateur. I just got back from a trip to Florida which got me itchin’ for SUMMERTIME. (and, incidentally, itchin’ from a lot of fire ant bites, but that’s another story).

I just put in our order for 2012 seeds, which is pretty small since I save a lot of our seeds. However, there are a few things that I want to try new varieties of (like a more disease resistant cucumber) and a few things I have never tried (Red Hopi Amaranth!) and some stuff that is too fun to resist (Rainbow Beets) and stuff I ate too much of so it never seeded (Kale, basil, lettuce).

Our garden plan this year is kind of insane (though it has six fewer habanero plants than last year!),  Our neighbors already think we are crazy survivalists — (but without the guns, which makes us hippies, I think?) Not that they are complaining when I bring my ho-made ketchup to the barbecues.

I save my seeds in old envelopes and tuck them into a 3 ring binder with plastic insert sheets:

Garden Planning Notebook

These are also handy for tucking in last year’s seed catalogs, fact sheets from your extension office, and your mad scribblings/garden journal notes.

There may be a better way to do this, since, ahh, my binder doesn’t actually close, but it is definitely better than my previous method of 3-4 randomly hidden buckets full of seed packs and scattered notes on the garden in every reusable shopping bag and inside whatever book I was reading when I planted the raspberries, etc.

How do you sort and store your seeds?

Garden Planning

Garden Planning


  • Courtney

    (Found you via Sew, Mama, Sew!)

    My seeds used to live in ziploc bags that were sort of categorized. (Green leafy things, tomatoes, peppers, other veggies, etc.) that I kept in a shoe box. Then I accumulated too many seeds, so now they are in plastic bins and separated with dividers (aka cut up cereal boxes.)

    Though that doesn’t really work much better, because of my seed saving addiction…er…hobby.

    I know I have about six months before I need to come up with a new plan for storage. I’m thinking under-the-bed Rubbermaid tub. Perhaps I’ll actually be able to close the lid. 😉

  • YC

    Hah, I’m still trying to figure that out myself. I’m at the “two buckets randomly lying about” stage. I tried some dollar food-grade tins before, and that didn’t do it. I think tupperware may be next. I do keep seed “inventory” and garden notes on paper elsewhere though, it’s easier to browse through that than the seed packet pile!

    (I’m also here from Sew Mama Sew 😉 )

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