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How to Get a Mile of Glow in the Dark Thread


Several years ago I saw a pack of Gutermann (a brand I like) Glow in the Dark thread at Joanns for around $20. I decided to wait until I had a coupon and lo and behold, you can no longer get that thread in the states.  I’ll save you my endless lamentations.

Coats and Clark sells some in a few pastel colors but they are parsed out in measly 100 yd. spools for $6. Which is like, an inch if you are quilting.  When I made my glow in the dark rocket ship quilt, I tore through two of these suckers and then just switched to regular thread.

So, now that Halloween is coming, I want to make everything (everything!) (everything!) glow in the dark, and (ta-daaa!) Superior makes glow in the dark thread (and sells it in the States). I had only seen their measlier 80 yd. spools for $7 (highway robbery!), but then was SO EXCITED to see they sell their 1500 yd. spools for $30! So I ordered one, then had buyer’s remorse, wondering what I was going to do with a mile of this stuff, but, it’s not like it goes bad!

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