How to Finish It?

If I can't Dance, it's not my revolution This “Selling Crap I Made” business is tricky tricky. I am currently struggling with How to finish off and present embroidery. These struggles fall into two categories – technique and cleanliness.

As far as how to present the embroidery for sale, there are really very few tutorials that I can find on this sort of thing – unlike every other minute aspect of embroidery. It’s weird. I mean, maybe it’s simple – stick it in a hoop – but it’s not that simple.  I have tried different options, but I don’t know how durable etc they will be or how fancy stuff needs to be.  Should I glue everything in place so it will never move? Do people have better luck with paper backed hoops or fabric backed? Is there a standard? Wah! How do you strike a balance between making something look really awesome but finishing it fast enough that you can charge a reasonable rate?

Tufted Titmouse wreathAs far as cleanliness, this is a real struggle. If you are giving embroidery to a friend and it has say, coffee stains all over it, etc. then who cares, it was free, and the dirt will make them think of you, right? But if you are asking a stranger to pay $40 for something with your coffee stains on it, well, how large can the coffee stains be? How much cat hair can be stuck to them? etc.

Also, finishing off a piece can be tricky, because you start to lose perspective on how it actually looks. You know how if you write a word over and over, and say it is the middle of the night, and it starts to look like nonsense. “Surely it’s spelled wrong. Are those even letters! What is a letter! What is word! Is word word word?” Sometimes that happens to me when I’m crafting. Does this actually look decent or like crap? What was I thinking! Throw it all out! No, I’ll just give it to a friend.

3 thoughts on “How to Finish It?

  1. Suzanne

    The presentation of your dancing monkey and cat looks pretty awesome to me. For alternative framing, I wonder if you could present the finished work like a stretched canvas for a painting? That’s probably a whole lot of hassle, now I think of it.

    Do you think you could cleverly work the coffee stains into your embroidery? Maybe embroider a coffee cup next to the stain. 🙂

  2. dana Post author

    That is a great tutorial, an interesting approach. I have tried all different things. I’m trying to find out which is the most long lasting, is part of it. Which glues and double sided tapes people like. Thanks!


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