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How Much Money Do You Make Crafting?

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Because I’m a little behind the times, I have been going through my expenses/earnings in the crafting sector for the last year.  Hahaha. That sounds so fancy.  Basically I made a spreadsheet where I input all my expenses on anything craft related (including taking classes and attending conferences) and all my income.

It took about an hour and was very eye-opening. The short take-away is what I already kinda knew – if I focus on only buying WHAT I NEED and not things-that-are-awesome-that-I-might-use-in-the-next-5-years then I can cover my crafting obsession expenses AND make a week’s salary every six months. Which isn’t the most sustainable career, ha!, but, as Matt says, better than GM was doing a few years back!

I felt weird sharing this on the internet, but I think it’s so interesting when other people talk about their crafty business adventures. I have stated before that I don’t really want to feel inspired to be all that successful at crafting – it seems like most successful crafters I know spend huge amounts of time making things they aren’t really that excited about, and it becomes like any other menial job.

The way I see it, selling my crafts is kind of like people who sell just enough drugs to cover their drug habit, that is to say, I’m happy that I’m breaking slightly more than even on my torrid fabric obsessions, which is maybe too modest of a goal?

I will always carry my dream that some landed gentry will pay me millions to just sit around and do fun crafty/quilty stuff that I like. I’m trying to strike a balance between making stuff that people will buy, and making stuff that I’m really excited about.

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  • Richard Healey

    I am a web developer by day and make decent money at it when I first started programming it cost me way more then I made (school for example) After years its neat to look back at the money I have made from it. I have recently started quilting and would just totally love it if I could figure out how to just break even doing it. I have spent a ton of money up fount buying all kids of things and my crazy goal to give even one in the family a quilt is not helping either. I am glad for you though that you can break even and even make a little. Keep it up.

    Richard Healey

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