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I’m probably supposed to be doing something more productive, but enjoyed taking a minute to look through historical pictures on the Library of Congress archive. Of course my favorite of the moment is an historic signature quilt – what a lovely keepsake and a neat block.

And here is a gem made by Mrs. Bill Stagg (hope you can hear my distaste for that naming tradition) from old tobacco sacks.

And people dancing with the quilt frame overhead. My sweetie would love this in our house, as he is always wanting to create contraptions to hang all our appliances from the ceiling. Someday when we don’t rent maybe….

What is this checkerboard and dresden pattern happening? It seems really dark in this photo. I can never get enough light when I sew and I don’t envy her.

This pattern is amazing! The outer wedges of the dresdens are flat and make the corners of the next square. Tiny variation turns it from a sweet fans to geometric puzzle. I want to see it in color! Also note the childrens bike/wagon toy in the corner.

And a bit more up to date – love this photo- when are my nephews and niece old enough to help me quilt? This is in Gee’s Bend, Alabama – and taken outside – must have had a promise of a few days without rain to set up the quilting frame on the porch!

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  • Deb @ PaperTurtle

    Hi Dana ~ I was preparing a blog post for this week and did a Google search looking for a photo of a quilting frame hanging from the ceiling with ropes the way my grandmother and her sisters used to quilt. I came across your sweet blog and I wanted to take a minute and leave a comment for you. Thanks for the lead to the Library of Congress archives! I was able to save a couple of photos for my post for this Thursday.

    I am involved in a friendship quilt block exchange with some of my blog friends and we just started up. I haven’t done a lot of quilting in recent years, but have recently started back up and I must say that I love it. Your quilts are so beautiful! You inspire me! :o)

    Thanks again for the lead to the quilting photos. I hope you have a lovely week!

    ~ Deb

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