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Ho-Made Granola

Ho-made Granola

Matt and I have been trying to gradually phase more “prepared” foods out of our life. Partly because it’s more expensive to pay someone to make something for you, partly because we can get ingredients in bulk from the co-op in our own reusable containers – so we don’t make any trash! We have been in our new house a month, and still haven’t taken out the garbage – we compost the food – so it isn’t smelly.

When we go to the store, the main non-ingredient foods we get are soy milk, crackers (yum!), pasta, any variety of asian noodles, and cereal. So, I decided it was time to start making our own cereal. I more or less used this recipe – except that I changed everything and added an unholy amount of ginger. I’m eating the granola right now, victory!

As a side note, we haven’t registered for silverware (for our wedding thing), because we don’t really care about silverware, but I really hate the spoon in this picture. So that makes me want to have a whole drawer full of matching shiny – non-cheap plastic – silverware.


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  • Suzanne

    I aspire to this – especially as my “family around the world” thing means my carbon footprint is the size of Canada. A month without taking out the trash? Fantastic!

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