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HLx5 Organ Needles Review

100 needles! $24. HLX5 for super fast sewing on my brother 1500 I'm probably too excited about this I almost took a selfie.

I have a Brother 1500s  Straight Stitch only machine which I have reviewed here. I was interested in buying needles in bulk and saw that the Organ HLx5 were recommended for my machine specifically. I thought I would share a few notes about these needles in case anyone else with this machine is thinking about them.

I was happy to get 100 needles for $24 (including the shipping) and excited to try them when they arrived! I got size 90/14 so they would work with a wide variety of threads. So far I am very happy with how long the last for piecing and quilting with a walking foot. I have had almost no thread breaking. In fact, there’s very little to say, which is quite a compliment if you have ever used a bad needle, you know that you’ll come up with many, many words to say about the situation, though few of them are appropriate.

HOWEVER I can’t get the to work while free-motion quilting! I cleaned and oiled my machine, my free motion foot, changed threads and still was having many skipped stitches. I was so sad I thought my glorious machine had broken after only a year!

But looking on line I saw some people saying you need a “longer” needle than the HLx5 for free-motion – sure enough I switched to a schmetz quilting needle and it quilted like a dream – no more skipped stitches.

I was talking to Matt about this and he said, “How could it possibly make that big of a difference.” I don’t know the answer, but it sure did. It was night and day difference. I thought I’d give a heads up for anyone trying to FMQ on a Brother 1500 with the recommended HLx5 Needles!

I’m hoping to sew some metallic thread soon and I’ll update this review with how the HLx5 needles work sewing with metallic thread using a walking foot.

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