Hey, It’s Christmas Again!

Our coffee press broke a few days ago (I know, tragic!) so I went to Tar-jay, and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A bin full of Hannukah stocking caps (or toboggans, as Matt calls them).  It’s officially holiday time!

To that end, I am throwing my eco-friendly weirdo ornaments into the consumerist carnival. And some pillows. My shop is overflowing with them, currently. If I worked at it, I could probably have enough weird things to set up an actual table at a holiday show…

I did a little photo shoot in the pine tree in my front yard. Outdoor crafty photoshoots are always risky business. Products certainly look really interesting in a tree, in an old barn, or on a duck’s back, on the beach, etc, but sometimes I think, “Golly, this person spent hours making that quilt and then tossed it in the mud to take a picture of it to sell it?” Do you really want to  buy something that has been drug around through the sand? Maybe you do! None of my business.

Anyway, I can assure you, my pine tree is VERY CLEAN. Here is a link to my shop.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas story ornament

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