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Henry and His Dinosaur Quilt

Somebody has to have the world's cutest nephew!Look how much my little nephew loves his dinosaur quilt. We spent two weeks hanging out in San Francisco in February and Henry was nice enough to make it sunny almost everyday. What a little prince!

Henry was also nice enough to learn how to stand up and crawl while I was there. It was very exciting, but I definitely understand the mixed emotions parents feel when their babies hit these milestones.  Babies are so creative at finding ways to get themselves killed when they’re just laying around. Adding movement to this turns every moment into a terror-filled cute explosion.

Henry and Dinosaur QuiltFor this quilt, the white blocks have a dinosaur print. This is actually from a sheet set I got on clearance at Marshalls. I used the pillow cases for the quilt blocks and saved the twin sheets for when he has a bed or if his mom and dad want curtains made.  I love doing this because sheets (on sale) are SO MUCH CHEAPER than quality fabric by the yard. Plus if you cut carefully and plan ahead you can get a whole bed set out of the deal!

The only caveat is that fancy quilters don’t recommend sheets because the super high thread count can be a pain to punch a needle through (especially hand sewing) and there are some issues with the bias or something.

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