My dad was in this weekend and he is way handier than me – and I’m no bum. This weekend we started with a trip to the Habitat for Humanity Re-store for a bunch of used lumber and then we:
Built a screen door
Built a back stoop
Fixed the front step
Refinished an antique mirror of my Grandma’s
Expanded the garden
Trimmed my crazy vines
Built a kitchen shelf system custom to my slanted floor (the back legs are an inch shorter! Ha!)
Ate a lot of home cooked meals
And Matt fixed up a bike for me! Yay!
Today I’m going to wash the deck so we can stain – because it is growing moss.

It’s been so hot that the cats have been alternating sleeping and yelling at us to PLEEASE make it less hot. Today they seem to have given up hope and are just sleeping. Bring it on, summer! Ok, I won’t taunt summer’s wrath. Correction: Please don’t kill me, summer!

The thermometer over the kitchen sink says 90 degrees with 65 percent humidity, and the barometer says 30.5 which means that my wrist feels great! (under 30=wrist brace for my arthritis – don’t ask me why, but it’s true!).

I think the heat is why the finish on this old dresser of my Grammy’s isn’t taking. We’ve sanded off the finish twice because it was horrible the first two tries! Third times the charm? Waaah. Any tips? The mirror took the finish beautifully. I have no idea what kind of wood it is, besides: Old.

My aunt thought that this was some kind of family heirloom – maybe brought over from Germany, but when we asked my Grandma she said, “Oh, I got that used at the auction downtown back in the 70’s probably.” The majority of our family heirlooms are from that auction house. Ha! I am genetically thrifty.

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