Happily Ever After

Happily Ever After Wedding Signature Quilt
I’m pleased as punch to be done with this quilt – though it was a fun process.

This quilt incorporates the aisle runner from a Disney World wedding for a wall-hanging in an entryway. It’s such a lovely idea and vision that the bride has, and it was fun, as always, to work with someone on their wedding quilt.

It’s always a challenge to find new ways to class up and dress up the signature quilt, which can look a little well, like 100+ super excited happy folks all took a hand at the design process. Which is both a lovely and potentially disastrous formula I think the trick is to embrace the chaos and also give folks markers that match the fabric…

Happily Ever After Wedding Signature Quilt

Less fun is the runner which is some sort of synthetic fiber backed with foam. I ran a test sample of it through washer and a hot iron and it was pretty durable, though the paint smudged a bit under the iron. I don’t know what kind of super-screen-printing system they have at Disney but I am seriously jealous.

It got a sort of crinkled effect after quilting however, that is pretty visible on the painted border. The bride sent me a lot of extra length and I’m glad – I spent a lot of time testing out how to quilt and clean off a few of the spots that got on the runner at the wedding.

I like the colors – turquoise and purple and brown – and the folksy yet modern and romantic feeling. I hope the new couple will like it too!

Happily Ever After Wedding Signature Quilt

Happily Ever After Wedding Signature Quilt

It took me forever to decided on a quilting style for it – and a little tearing out of stitches. Ok, a lot of that, as I didn’t like my first two ideas. But I think this will be a durable keepsake despite it’s non-traditional fabric and origins.

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  5. carmella

    do you have a pattern for making this quilt an dare the squares 5inch? and how di you keep the guess from signing past where you will sew? so that all edges of the writing are seen?

  6. Dana - WaterPenny

    Here are some thought on options for the signing – basically you can either tape the edges or have people sign a finished quilt



    I used 4.5 inch squares to go around the runner in the Happily Ever After Quilt. I don’t have a pattern because it was custom designed to go with the aisle runner. Let me know if you have other questions!


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