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Haircut Day! And Consignment Shop Day!

Today was a good day for getting rid of stuff. I got 10 inches off my hair (picture on Facebook) which was exciting. I went to the Aveda teaching school here in Columbus – the good parts of this salon: free mini-facial (no idea what makes it mini, but it feels and smells great!) and organic smell good products, and the tip goes to charity, and it’s really cheap! The bad part is that sometimes it takes forever. So I put an hour in the parking meter and I was in there for an hour and a half while the gal checked and re-checked and then her teacher checked my hair. For what was essentially a trim, because it only took 2 minutes for them to cut off the first 10 inches. But no ticket! And my head smells pretty damn awesome.

The other lightening I did today was to bring a giant tub of clothes by a local consignment shop. Things that were too precious (to me) for Salvation Army. I have been more or less the same size since high school, but I haven’t had the same taste in clothes…I often get rid of old clothes because they are “too small,” because while I haven’t grown my dignity has…

But this was one of the first times that I dumped a lot of stuff that still fit, that I still admired, but that I just knew I’d never wear again. Things that I bought when I still put together outfits and was playing with what my personal style was.  There was a time when I never wore jeans, because jeans were boring, too easy! But these days, plaid pants, ha!

My personal style these days is pretty much “easy” (and not in the slutty sense).  I’m not in a band and I don’t go to concerts anymore unless they are fundraisers.  I’m sure there is probably some college freshman out there who would be happy to rock out my granny-chic vintage polyester blouses with a hot pink miniskirt…still, putting the clothes in that tub was like confirming that though I am not an old lady, I am definitely not a young lady. I comforted myself thinking of the young women (and men) who would be carrying on the weird vintage torch.

For all of my anguish and identity crises over this tub of clothes, (“It’s like I’m giving away the person that I used to be!”) they didn’t take any of the items I was most fraught about. And they did take $50 worth of stuff so I was able to get a bunch of cozy t-shirts and wool sweaters. Hello fall!

In crafting news, I have 4 out of 5 of these mountain quilts quilted, just need to bind them, and they will be off to raise money for charity.


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