Ha! Achievement!

Oh, were you curious if I’ve used up over 1,000 meters of thread  in the past year? Why, yes, yes I have. Is 1,000 meters an entire kilometer? Oh yes, that it is. I always get a sense of accomplishment when I use up a spool of thread. But these 1000 meter spools are especially satisfying. My black kilometer length of thread is also almost empty. It takes less than a minute to zip by a kilometer in a car, but it’s a long way to travel in thread via sewing machine.

And the vintage measuring tape I have stuck to my fluorescent green desk gives it all a sense of scale.

The other victory is that my dear sewing machine robot, Pfaff 2124, will be returned to me by the end of the week. The motherboard had to replaced. The doctors at the sewing machine hospital say that Pfaff 2124 is feeling better and can come home. This is exciting because the old Singer I’ve been using for the last month likes to eat my fabric sometimes.

We’re not talking about how much it cost to fix. Let’s just say more than the plane ticket to San Francisco I just bought. Less than what it costs for a new one, so that’s that.


  • Suzanne

    Amazing. You’ve travelled far with your thread, it would seem. And now Pfaff can join you on your journeys once more. I like the name Pfaff. It sounds like an expression of exasperation. “I still haven’t gotten around to doing my tax returns. Pfaff.”

  • dana

    Oh, I like that! I definitely said “Pfaffffffffff!!!” when the machine broke, I can tell you that much. The brand got bought out by Husqvarna, actually, which is also fun to say!

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