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Go Anywhere Bag – Diaper Bag and Pattern Review

Go Anywhere Bag Diaper Bag

I made the Aragon bag by Sew Sweetness for our major diaper bag – and it has been great for plane trips and day trips. But for just running around town for a few hours, I knew I wouldn’t need a bag that big. Especially now that we’re able to breastfeed on the go (thanks in part to our awesome baby carrier!) we really only need a few diapers, a changing kit and a change of clothes. And sometimes blankets, extra burp cloths, paperwork for doctors visits – and snacks, water and lip balm for me of course! Lucky this bag is actually big enough to hold all of that – granted at that point it is stuffed to the gills!

Here it just has a cloth diaper and a craft box that I use to sort pills in it. I added basic pockets to both sides of the inside, and I wish I had made them both bigger! They are great for sorting things!

Go Anywhere Bag Diaper Bag

Basically this is an oversized purse. Or a regular sized purse, if you’re like me and don’t like to leave the house without an arsenal of things you might want.

I used a Melody Miller cheater print – the lovely telephones! I love this fabric! Maybe it’s ironic to use an old school phone for a baby bag – since the baby will never probably use a rotary phone in her life! Check out this video about rotary phones if you want to feel old!

It was stressful for me to find basics to go with it that weren’t too matchy-matchy – but I didn’t want the whole thing to be the cheater  print either. I lined the large outside pockets with a basic linen. The inside is a dot I got at Joann fabric eons ago, and the burgundy I think is Kona Burgundy – but don’t quote me on that!

Go Anywhere Bag Diaper Bag

I made the handles longer by 3-4 inches, which is standard for me on any bag pattern, as I am almost 6 feet tall and find most bag handles to short for me to comfortably sling over my shoulder.

I love the long narrow outside pockets for dropping in my cellphone, my wallet and keys. They are deep enough to feel secure, and the perfect width for fishing around to pull them out. and it’s great to not have them lost in the depths of the main body of the bag!
Go Anywhere Bag Diaper Bag

This pattern was easy to follow and went together quickly. I want to make more of them now, but other projects have to come first. My only regret is not being more careful to match up the side seams on the pockets when I was cutting – if I had been fussier about it, the fabric would have matched up perfectly.

I’m always amazed by bag pattern designers. I can’t imagine how one would go about constructing a bag like this and it always seems like magic when the pattern just comes right together!




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