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Garden In Review

Garden Thoughts – September 19, 2011

I think it’s useful to review what just happened in our garden:

On what we planted this year:

Butternut squash – three plants again – everything was awesome.

Tomatoes – Fewer cherry tomatoes. We don’t really use them. But we can handle the produce from 15 or so regular size tomatoes and 2-3 cherries.

We do need to stake them and sucker them like crazy. I am thinking to cage and stake them, but stake them early and put the stake really far in when the ground is soft because everything fell over in the big storms and never got back up again.

Green beans – get different varieties next year and some climbers so we can use some vertical sun space. These didn’t have enough sun and I hated crouching down to pick them.  Maybe plant them in with corn

Corn – No trouble though the groundhog and raccoons ate 90% of it. Plant in mounds next year? Looks good.

Peas – yes please! I loved our pea trellis!

Freeze more cilantro.

More marigolds, they are pretty

Have green and red peppers. Two plants each. Two plants of hot peppers, IF we have used up all of the spices from this years bumper crop from hell

Lots of cucumbers! 5 plants? Plant in different parts of the garden so if one plant fails, we’ll increase the chance of getting more. We only got one cucumber all summer. Waah.

More sun for the zucchini – we got about a zuke a week, which isn’t so bad, but not so good.

Kale – yes please! Five plants would be better than four. And get seeds for a fall planting.

Giant Gourds – no thanks. Or if we do plant them, put them 50 feet from everything else. The flowers are really pretty at night and the gourds look cool.

More lemon thyme, I loved it!

12 basil plants was a good amount. Save the seeds from the basil plants we had because they were awesome. Purple basil is pretty but doesn’t taste that good. Don’t mess with the thai basil, we hardly ever use it.

Leave more room for walking

Stuff we didn’t plant but wanted:

More herbs – parsley, regular thyme, Oregano.

Get brussel sprout seeds! Lots of them.  Spring planting and fall planting, please!

Broccoli –

Eggplant? This year our seeds didn’t do anything. Matt wants them.

Cauliflower – we had three of these plants but they got overshaded by the peas and never did anything. Eh. I didn’t miss them.

Cabbage! It’s our favourite! Sauer kraut!

Beets? More in the ground things.

We are about to plant some garlic!


  • Suzanne

    I have dreams of such bounty. But the only plants I haven’t managed to kill in five years are my rosemary bush and the mint monster behind my flat which I tried to snuff out on a couple occasions but failed. Anyone want a mojito…or five trillion mojitos? You bring the rum and I’ll bring the mint.

    • dana

      Ha! Well, a lot of these things didn’t do too great – I went for quantity. I bet if you planted 20+ tomato plants you’d get some tomatoes!

      Have you tried making mint jelly? You can do some fun stuff with that.

      OR, have you ever made coconut milk ice cream? You just freeze a can of coconut milk in an ice cube tray then toss it in the blender – I bet mint would make it awesome!

  • Lori

    I’m impressed that peas worked so well for you. I like growing them, but they never seem worth the time and space. They get mildewy fast. Although sugar snap grow really well here.
    And I read about a way of trellising tomatoes called Florida weave. Google it, maybe it will work in your garden? If you have a very long row of plants.
    Anyway, here’s to next year’s food!

    • dana

      Thanks Lori – I love the Florida Weave idea – and it has a fun name.

      I don’t actually remember what kind of peas we had, but they produced super well until the end of June when they all of a sudden turned into a pile of mildew overnight. But it was a month of about a bowl of peas a day, which is pretty much all I want.

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