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Garden Cat


My cat Fancy has realized that my out of control gourd patch is the perfect height for her to spy on the neighbors.  However, the more it rains the less the cats are in the garden, and the more the groundhogs and raccoons and bunnies are in the garden. And yes, it is has been raining nearly every day for a while.

So, the garden is looking a little rough, but still keeps cranking out the tomatoes (which mostly go to the groundhogs, who need the lycopene, I guess?) and the habanero peppers and of course endless giant gourds, which I planted on a whim and now I am having to look up how to make birdhouses out of giant gourds, because lord have mercy, what am I going to do with these cursed gourds.

I keep saying that the plant kingdom is just as merciless and brutal as the animal kingdom, but, you know, slower. Case in point, all of the gourd plant above is from one plant. And I regularly mow around the edges of it to keep it in check, but it still grows…..

Frankly, I am feeling kind of spiteful towards the garden at this point, actually, because it killed off my cucumbers, but is hurling endless habaneros and basketball sized gourds at me.

I have canned up a gallon or so of hot sauce of three levels of spiciness, and dried around 30 of the little monsters up to make into unholy quantities of chili powder, and given away around 30 more peppers. And let a lot of them rot on the ground.  Which I suppose means they are getting to seed the whole garden with their evil, spicy progeny.

But isn’t Fancy cute? Who needs garden gnomes when you have garden cats?

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