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Fussy Cutting A Carrot

Y’all, I am not expert in anything quilting. But sometimes it occurs to me to share little things I have not heard other people mentioning, and here’s one:

Fussy cutting is a term that refers to specially cutting out cute squares of fabric to highlight little bits of the fabric. As opposed to haphhazardly attacking your fabric and cutting it as fast as possible with no thought whatsoever to the actual pattern (aka stack and whack).

This can be very annoying and time consuming, especially when you keep forgetting which size your special cut is supposed to be and cut things all different sizes and then want to burn all of your fabric, ever, in the front yard.

So, to speed things up and (hopefully) avoid mistakes, you can buy a specially sized ruler, so that you would have to work really hard to NOT cut things in the exact shape of your special ruler.

ORRR you can be a cheapskate and just draw your square onto your existing ruler that you have been using for over 10 years. I prefer yellow/orange permanent marker. I find it wears off pretty quickly, at least, it must, because I’ve drawn all over my ruler for many previous projects and don’t see any residue of it.

Fussy cutting a carrotThis fabric, by the by, is from Ikea, where they let you cut your own fabric? !? ! It has little veggies all over it, which I love, and I am making a veggie quilt with it.



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