Fleece Sheets ! Or, How to have the warmest bed EVER

As you may know, Matt and I do this thing were we don’t really heat the house in the winter. Ok, well, we set the thermostat at 50 degrees. Yikes! Then I stick a space heater under my desk. I don’t really know why. I always say I’m fed up with it, but then I feel like a wimp turning it up. I think, “Well, gosh, it is 60 degrees warmer inside than outside, that’s comforting!”

Anyway, one of our secrets to a good night’s sleep is FLEECE SHEETS. You think flannel is good enough, but you are wrong!  Ours are from Target and are really soft. We busted them out the other evening when the heat kicked on (which only happens when it is tragically cold).  Matt and I took turns jumping on the fleecy bed and photographing it, but this is the one with the best air.


Fleece Sheets!

And yes, there are also fleece pillowcases.

Also! Note to the left of the bed, there is a bookshelf. This area was previously occupied by a chair that I always kept covered in clothes, until last week I had this revelation – what if I get rid of the chair and then put in a more efficient clothing storage unit –  since that’s what this corner of the room has become? Most people would choose a dresser, but I went with a bookshelf, because a) you don’t have to open drawers to remember where you put stuff and b) they are cheaper on craiglist.

Sorry if I just blew your mind with my genius.


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  • Patrice

    I’m definitely going to look into the fleece! We keep ours at 50 too, but sometimes at night the thermostat thinks its day hours and it drops to 42. That is a bit chilly…

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