#filibernie is the best “Twitter Hashtag” ever, period, and final.  It is such an awesome hashtag that a new category of “Things that Are Awesome” must be created for hashtags, and then promptly retired because the apogee of the hashtag has been reached.

My boyfriend and I often kvetch about how the filibuster is always threatened, but the Republicans never throw down. Yes, Matt and I are made for each other, and yes, we loved the late and great Senator Byrd’s epic op-ed about misuse of the filibuster from May 2010:

A true filibuster is a fight, not a threat or a bluff. For most of the Senate’s history, Senators motivated to extend debate had to hold the floor as long as they were physically able. The Senate was either persuaded by the strength of their arguments or unconvinced by either their commitment or their stamina. True filibusters were therefore less frequent, and more commonly discouraged, due to every Senator’s understanding that such undertakings required grueling personal sacrifice, exhausting preparation, and a willingness to be criticized for disrupting the nation’s business.

Now, unbelievably, just the whisper of opposition brings the “world’s greatest deliberative body” to a grinding halt. Why?

Because this once highly respected institution has become overwhelmingly consumed by a fixation with money and media.

And we are thrilled this Friday evening by Bernie Sanders more or less (a whole day on C-Span at least) filibustering his own party to stand up to a terrible tax plan that would increase both our national debt and the imbalance of wealth.

Take that money and media!

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