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Fall Harvest Volunteer

Today I volunteered with a big community garden and some YMCA afterschool kids. Among other things, we cleaned a giant pile of Daikon radishes for distribution to poor people and also to sell to rich people.

See, I took a picture of me and a bunch of kids cleaning them and separating the greens and radishes into separate piles and then cleaning them (I’m the one with curly hair):


Ok, actually, that is a drawing I did of it. Could you tell? I purposely didn’t take a picture because sometimes I get this idea that we take too many pictures and it’s a lazy artificial way to experience nice things. Like, it becomes more about the photographs than the experience itself.  The flip side of that is that I have a remarkably poor memory and rarely remember anything outside of photographs.  I had a girl’s getaway weekend this summer, and halfway through, we paused and drew pictures of a bunch of the fun stuff we had just finished doing. For some reason I thought this added way more to the excitement than just taking a picture of our activities (though we took a lot of those).

Anyway, back to the present, it was a really beautiful fall day, and in case you are wondering, the size of the piles of radishes are pretty much true to life in the image above.  I am actually pretty doubtful that the city of Columbus can support the influx of this many Daikon radishes, but hey, I’m just the volunteer.

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