WaterPenny.net Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

Fabric Wedding Sign Tutorial

WaterPenny.net Fabric Applique Embroidery Hoop Sign Tutorial

I made this fabric sign to go along with an upcoming wedding signature quilt I am going to make. It is very simple, but not something I’ve seen much of, so I also made this simple tutorial to go with it.  It’s a pdf. I find it so much easier to format such things off-line.

Let me know if it’s useful! FYI, you don’t have to sew down the letters! I liked the way it looks but for a sign that’s not going through the wash, ironing the letters down is sturdy enough.  I use Pellon Wonder Under Fusible webbing for this project.

I love applique and it was fun to make a little project like this. My projects are often big! Now I want to make little tote bags with words on them too!

In the background is me and my husband. Weddings are so fun! I love making stuff for them!
Quilt Wedding Signature Quilt Sign

And here it is nestled in the trumpet vine. Nothing more romantic than invasive vines!

Quilted Applique Sign
Happy sewing!

4 thoughts on “Fabric Wedding Sign Tutorial

  1. Terri

    Very sweet! Your idea is fantastic; I wish I had known about it when my kids got married. Alas, maybe the grandkids–in about ten years or more!

  2. dana Post author

    I hope your grandkids wait as long as my siblings and I did to get married! 😉 We need more quilts!

  3. Amy

    I’ve planned on making my brother and law and his bride to be a signature quilt for their wedding and don’t know where to start. I’ll be following to see what you do for yours!


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