Exercising in Space

Matt at the science museum watching an astronaut exercise in space.

We went to the local science museum –COSI– yesterday. They have a fun space section that is heavy on the poetry. Long paragraphs pondering the meaning and origin of life, and a section on how german research on how to best kill people during World War II  led to rockets which led to space travel.

“Isn’t it ironic” ponders the sign, that such deadly ambition created the path that brought us to space, which allowed us the first glimpse of our precious earth free from political dividers, and taught us that we all live together on this single and sacred blue gem? I’m paraphrasing, but this exhibit definitely had as much “english major” vibe as it did astro-physicist chic.

So I was all hyped up with the philosophical grandiosity of the hubris and humility that we face as a species when we leave our beloved and loving atmosphere, when I wandered into a room that had a live video of astronauts exercising in space. On the space station. In space. Exercising. So mundane and yet so awesome. It was a long boring video feed and we eventually switched over to the Apollo landing before wandering onward to a climb in a replica rocket.

But it lingers with me. It’s the only thing I took a picture of in the whole museum.  Here’s the thing, I don’t know who this guy was, but I was standing in Columbus, OH watching him exercise in zero gravity, which is a bit disturbing? But also awesome. I totally want to exercise in space.


  • stephanie

    i looooove COSI. so many embarrassing pictures of Girl Scouts trips there in that camera-breakingly awkward preteen phase.

  • Carrie

    COSI! I spent the night there once with Girl Scouts (one of two reasons I joined, the other being the cookies) and it was SO COOL. I should really go back.

  • dana

    They actually have a display up right now about the history of Girl Scouts sleepovers at COSI with all the merit badges the girls received over the years.

    Did they have the weird space tunnel that gives you instant, magical vertigo when you were there? And if so, did you sleep in it? I’m trying to decide where I would sleep if I got to spend the night at COSI

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