Embroidery at Occupy Columbus

Click to see all the pics and the full story! This is not exactly what Democracy looks like, per se, to me, but here I am just the same. My picture has been in the paper before, but this is probably one of my funniest moments. And, happily this is totally anonymous, except that I’m bragging about it. Here is the full article/photos/video.

I wanted to stay at the rally for more than a few hours so I brought something to keep my hands busy. Yes, it is a rhino playing guitar.

I thought about sewing up some cool slogan, but I wasn’t feeling any in particular.

One gal I talked with said she had a bag of yarn laying around the house and was thinking of bringing it to the next event and teaching people how to knit. I think that is a brilliant idea, especially since I don’t know how to knit.

It is so important to have things for people to engage in and ways for them meet each other at rallies like this, if there are not going to be speakers or chants, etc. There were a lot of people there by themselves, like me, who were kind of wandering, not talking to anyone (except I talked to people). Having an activity is a way to break the ice and get folks to stay longer and feel a more personal stake and connection to the work you’re doing.


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