Dyeing to Make Puns

This was folded up into a little triangle and I dipped the edges into two blues.I’m in a fabric dying class. It started, um, yesterday, and lasts for 8 weeks. It is very pun filled, like anything involving dyeing. I’m pretty ok with this. Ricky Gervais says that the pun is the lowest form of humor, but what does he know about jokes?

So, anyway, in the first class, we folded up cotton all different ways and squirted dye on it. This morning I was DYE-ING to rinse out my experiments. But the I folded this up in squares and dipped the edges in two shades of yellow.weather was sunny for the first time since – last summer? I can’t remember. So I was also dying to start digging a plot for a garden in our backyard. I managed to accomplish both, by drying out my fabric on the lawn.

Ok, but the dyeing.  So, I had never done one of these hippie-tastic swirl things and it’s too easy! You could totally do it stoned! I get it! In the little Rainbow Snail.
Rainbow Hippy before I unfurled it. thumbnails you can see the little ball before I unfolded it to discover my new Grateful Dyeing handkerchief (Get it, hmmmm?).

I had hoped to unfurl one of them to find the face of a deity, or even just Doogie Howser or something but no such luck.

I made 8 fat quarters, but I’ll spare you the full details. I really enjoyed the process of folding up the fabric and trying to guess how to make patterns and then unfolding it and seeing how horrible/ok it turned out. I’m not sure how useful these will be in my quilting, because despite the fact that I am one of those terrorist eco-greenie types, I’m really not a huge fan of tye-dye. But I think it will be good to push myself to find a way to use these. And they were fun to make.
Unfurled Yellow and Green Folded Yellow and Green

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