Dream Maps Quilt


This is a quilt I am working on called Dream Maps. I have also been calling it my stained glass quilt but I like the idea of it being a map to a dreamed city.

It is part of my #pinkgrayscrapsaga – basically and endless (ok 5 so far) series of quilts from my piles of pink and gray scraps. Others include my Mad Farmers Medallion Quiltand my Women Make Beauty from Garbage plus quilt.

I started the piecing years ago and put it away in a box half done. Then in November I thought I might finish it to enter in Quiltcon, but decided not to rush a finish for a show I have so little chance of getting in…but happy that the show inspired me!

The Piecing is a more free wheeling improv version ofElizabeth Hartman’s Mod Mosaic free pattern on her blog. It is my second quilt based off this technique, the other is my Turquoise Improv quilt I made as part of a Modern Quilt Guild challenge years ago.

I ran out of safety pins (because I have too many works in progress with pibs in them!) So I used straight pins with bits of cut up erasers. This is from an old demo I saw where someone was selling little bits of rubber to serve the same purpose – hold a straight pin in place for basting. I think the idea is it is less stressful on your hands than squeezing the safety pins… It works pretty well! Here is the baby trying to pick off the bits of eraser and eat them.

I am quilting it with a walking foot. Because I have no sense I am doing quarter inch lines following the Piecing and it is going to take forever… I got real excited and worked on it for hours one week in January and then got distracted and it has sat for months.

Maybe this post will inspire me to finish it.

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