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DIY Kitchen Cupboard

Turning garbage into storage While coming home from a walk a few weeks ago, Matt and I noticed a filthy cupboard filled with rotting smelly 1970’s wallpaper samples. AWESOME, right? It was handmade by a carpenter who wasn’t that worried about detail, just like our house (which we rent), which is at least 130 years old and full of architectural quirks that I like to think of as “lazy farmer chic”.

I gave it a few good kicks and was happy with how sturdy it was. We dragged it home a few blocks – great arm work out – pulled off the rotted cardboard back, threw out all the papers, and left it outside for a few days to air out.  I figured if it was still gross, we could put it back in the alley and no harm done.

New cupboard! Thanks garbage! Two weeks later, we scraped some paint off of it, sanded it, pulled apart the doors and put them back together with wood glue and clamps, and re-screwed in the top boards. We found some boards in the trash in another alley that were just the right size for the back.  We  do have saws, and hardware stores, etc. but who can be bothered?

Two coats of paint and some contact paper later, it’s a cupboard! Already full of canning jars, which were on top of the fridge. Our kitchen isn’t tiny, and it has some cupboard space, but we have a number of kitchen based hobbies combined with our shared lack of interest in home design that make our kitchen a constant  storage /horizontal space nightmare nonetheless.

Speaking of nightmares, our floor is at such an awesome slant, that we have to custom fit all our furniture. With this cabinet, we needed a one inch shim in the front to make it level. Lovely! Did I mention we rent?

We have our utensils in a container I made in a ceramics class. And our hops through the window, which have grown up to reach the top of our house already!

Recent Ceramics with new cabinet

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