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Deer Repellents

Back in May we had deer issues – not too bad, and I think we nipped their interest in our plants in the bud. (Get it?)

The first night they came in and chomped down several feet of tomatoes and pepper plants. We put out Irish Spring soap all around those plants by taking plastic cups, placing a half-bar of soap inside, and wrapping tulle or pantyhose around the cup. Then we hung the cups UPSIDE DOWN so the soap doesn’t get wet and wash our garden in the rain. The tulle keeps the soap in and lets smell can get out, We hung our fancy contraptions from the tomato cages. Holy cow is that soap smelly.

The next night they avoided the plants with the soap on them and ate down the raspberries and strawberries. Dang it. So we hung more Irish Spring soap, and went to the store to find some deer repellent – which is about $17 a half gallon and consists of water, eggs, garlic, and pepper. Seriously? Seriously.

So we drove right back home to make our own. I blended up an egg, a dried habanero from last year’s garden and a gallon of water and sprinkled it all around the yard from an old laundry detergent bottle.

Delightfully, our neighbors all came out during this strange ritual and asked what we were up to. I asked them to step back a few paces. Luckily, the Irish Spring soap mostly masked the smell of the rotten eggs.

Aaaaaaand it’s been two months and the deer haven’t come back! The Irish Spring is still working, and we’ve re-applied our rotten egg and pepper stew a few times.

However, as of this week, the raccoon are getting into our corn. Seeing as the raccoon actually ate several of the rotten eggs I was planning to make more deer repellent with, and are probably out washing their tiny hands with the Irish Spring right now, I don’t know what to do about it.

Our main solution to that has been to just eat the corn before the raccoon do, which means before the corn is fully ready. It’s still good with butter on it!

July 2012 Garden
Here are some more recipes:

Amaranth is so pretty! Can’t wait to make my red cornbread!

Amaranth July 2012

Note the brown ‘bells’ hanging around – they are full of Irish Spring soap.

July 2012 garden

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