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It’s craft book month over at CraftBuds which is a great place to go if you are looking for ways to link up with other crafty type internet folks. They are celebrating craft books and have a great series put together if you’re interested in how craft books are made. Hint: It’s a lot of work. Holy Moly.

I generally get my craft books from the library, as they are expensive and you never know if they will work for you. And because it’s so fun to go to the library! However, I thought I’d recommend one of the books I’ve actually bought after the library test run. Because I wanted to own it. Denyse Schmidt was a ‘pioneer’ of modern quilting (I hope it involved less dysentery and fording flooding rivers than the American West pioneers) and this book is pretty old – published in 2005 – ha!

I made these coasters from this book:

Coaster for coaster class

The patterns are nice in this book but the pages of technique and instruction at the front are great – lots of new tips. and the pictures and colors are great. I love the use of scraps and the wabi-sabi feel. These pieces are casual and improvisational, but still durable and washable.

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