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Color Wheel

My fabric dyeing class just ended, which means I’m going to have to buy my own dye and set up my own dye studio because I love dying fabric! I went on my the Dharma Trading Website – the dye website to end all dye websites – and filled my shopping cart with three containers of Fiber Reactive Procion Dyes. You can make a whole rainbow with just turquoise, yellow, and fuchsia. Then I was feeling cheap and didn’t check out.

I feel like I have a decent understanding of Color Theory, but there’s something magical about seeing it in action. It really works! Below is my first sloppy color wheel attempt.  It’s on a poly-cotton blend, which gives the dye an un-even look because it applies differently to the poly and the cotton. I think it looks cool, but probably the dye will also fade at different speeds. I’ll make something with it, wash it a bunch, and let you know.

But, it’s amazing to me that adding turquoise to fuchsia = purple.



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