Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

I’ve been playing with blocks made using the hypnotic random 9-patch block generator and saw the block below. I decided to make it! The bold colors I chose and the erratic dancing shapes it makes when pieced together reminded me of something one might see at the circus, hence the name.

Update – here are what some of the blocks look like together.
Simply Solids Bee blocks trickling in...I made 3 of them.

Note: I found it a little tricky to get the points to go the right way. I suggest you lay it all out before sewing it together. Unless you love your seam ripper or are impervious to mistakes.

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial


2 – 3.5” Neutral squares – marked diagonally
2 – 3.5” Color squares
4 – 2.5” Color squares
4 – 2.5×4.5 Neutral pieces
2 – 2.5” Neutral squares
2 – 2.5×6.5″ Neutral square
1 – 8.5” square

Circus Swirl
Make 4 half square triangles (HST)

  • Mark Neutral 3.5” squares on the diagonal – I use a hera marker to make a crease
  • Layer each Neutral square with a 3.5” color square
  • Sew a generous ¼” down each side of the diagonal line.
  • Cut along diagonal line, iron open to form a square, and trim to 2.5”

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

Make center block

  • Mark Neutral 2.5” color squares on the diagonal
  • Place 2.5” block on the corner of the 8.5” block
  • Sew along the marked diagonal line
  • Trim 1/4” seam
  • Press open, repeat for all four cornersCircus Swirl Block Tutorial

Attach the sides

  • Join a 2.5” block, 2.5” HST block and a 4.5×2.5 block as shown below
  • Attach to center block
  • Repeat for second side.

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

Top and Bottom

  • Join a 2.5×6” block, 2.5”HST block and a 4.5×2.5” block as shown below.
  • Attach to block
  • Repeat for the final side

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

Here is the EQ7 mock up of the components if that is helpful:

Circus Swirl Block Tutorial

circus Swirl

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