Christmas Ornament Party!

As previously stated, I’ve been making a lot of Christmas Ornaments lately.

As a general rule, I strongly dislike decorating for holidays. Part of this is because it can be so wasteful, with all the junk people buy and hang for two weeks and throw away, but also because I am lazy.

Also, like many post-post-modern not quite Gen Xers, I am wary of sentiments and sweetness. But I’m really excited about these, because they combine stuff that is thrifted with stuff that is funny.

The first stage in the process is running to the thrift store and looking for weird old frames and used embroidery hoops. Because this is the easy stage, the pile of old frames is bigger than the pile of embroidered humor.

They are all going up for sale in my Etsy store – whatever doesn’t sell will be Christmas presents. I figure it is a low risk way to start playing around with selling.

I also want to do a series of gingerbread zombies. Other ideas?


  • Grady

    I was remembering how much Grandpa Russel used to love that outhouse toy that exploded when you put a nickel in it.

    I would think about more cute folksy humor. The Xhristmas Vacation movie is good because it mixes all of the casual family stereotypes of dumb grandmas and toilets and stuff all in one. Basically…more toilets and sexist jokes please!

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