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Cherry Blossoms and Other Berries

Kind of cheesy but I think that's ok. There's something endearingly tacky and overwrought about cherry blossoms in real life too.

I’m not sure exactly why I love cherry blossoms, since they are responsible for a terrible, horrible, no good sinus infection I got once while coordinating an event in DC. Luckily I had a good team that took over when I went down. Cherry blossoms 1; Dana 0.

These flowers are cheesy, but I like them. I keep wanting to think of ways to class them up, but maybe they are fine sweet and simple.

Goumi verdict: they are better the older they get.  They grow easy, fix nitrogen, and enough berries on one first year bush for a batch of jelly and a few bowls of cereal.

And in the realm of berries that don’t try to kill me, I got a goumi bush last fall, which apparently is invasive in much of the US! Very frustrating to learn that, but the berries were good and it produced a lot for the first year. They are astringent till the berries sit for a week and suddenly they are very tasty. And pretty silvery leaves, you can see. I made a few jars of jellies with them. I had hoped they would capture more of the sweet tart flavor but they kind of just taste like sugar.

I have been using Pomona’s Pectin to make Jellies recently and am very happy with it! You need wayyyyyy less sugar or even no sugar! I like Pomona’s Pectin because (I love lists!):

1. it’s cheaper – sugar gets expensive when the fruit is free! (and when you buy the organic sugar), and the pectin is about the same price, so that’s not much different.
2. It’s healthier – seriously, some recipes are over half sugar!
3. It preserves the fruit flavor better and
4. It sets more reliably.

In fact, I used pomona’s to make this Rose-Strawberry beauty too! I took roses and soaked them to make a rosewater and made some straight rose jelly as well as some rose-strawberry jam. Sorry for the terrible photography but you can see how rich the color is! I love preserving flowers and berries in this way. Spring time is over so quickly; you just want to capture all the smells and flavors in a jar. Luckily you can! (there’s a pun there!)

Strawberry rose jam aka #rose #berry


The strawberries are pretty much done for the year. Time for raspberries! I need to go mulberry picking too! It’s almost too late for that here, but I’ll be disappointed if I don’t try, since I do love them, especially a mulberry white wine sorbet!#raspberry are my favorite


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  • Sam

    I really like this quilt and don’t think it’s cheesy at all! I think the layout is great and I love how you filled in the negative space with quilted blossoms!

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