Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived.

About 10 times a day, my cat makes a running leap from the door of the bedroom/office to my bed to my desk to the top shelf over my desk, where he likes to sit and keep an eye on things. On Friday, my cat slipped and fell backwards, and landed on my computer and then bounced into a full cup of tea which landed on the heater and sent up a huge cloud of steam. When I had changed out of my pants that were covered in boiling water, I realized that the weight of an eight pound cat falling four feet was enough force to ruin a hard drive. Luckily I will be visiting family next Friday and my brother thinks he can fix it.

In preparation for a week without a computer (right now I have borrowed the boyfriend’s) I put a bunch of audiobooks on my phone to amuse myself with while I sew. But all day Saturday, my phone started randomly playing Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (the British version of Audiobook). This was kind of embarrassing when I was a the history museum looking at the woolly mammoth skeleton.

So, I deleted two of my music apps thinking they were malfunctioning, but then 20 minutes later, the book started over again. And over again, and over again, and over again. I was starting to think some of the boiling water from the flying cat incident had shortcircuited something in my phone. Around 10 pm Matt emailed the amazing image above, and Harry Potter started up again about 2 seconds later.  “It’s your ringtone,” he realized.

It turned out my phone had set itself to play this audiobook every time I got an email. “Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone, by JK Rowling. Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived.”


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