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Cathedral Window Block

A Walk In the Woods Cathedral Window Block

I found – and finished ! – this block. Here I have photographed it in front of something that looks like barnwood, because I love Regretsy.  I really love the colors!

As an obsessive process point – the windows are a little wonky because my squares I started with were not exactly, exactly square. I thought, eh, what’s a smidge here and there? It’s a lot, people. But not enough to scrap the block.

I am thinking of making it into something for my new little niece that will be born in June (!!!!). But that got me thinking that maybe having the little white Red Riding Hood in the front and center block isn’t the greatest, since my niece will not be white. Not that she will care, but I care that my very first gift to her doesn’t include a picture of a cute little girl who doesn’t look like her.

Does any know of any adorable designer fabric with little brown skinned girls? I imagine it’s not exactly something you can type into google search, without getting some distressing results… As a side note, not that it’s my business, but for the record, the designer of the fabric above is actually a woman of color.


  • Kristin

    You could do a series of little girl blocks and make them have any skin color you want!
    (see my link in the website I pasted in). If you would like and if I can find my digital copy of the file I could e-mail it to you.

  • Thorn

    I have not found good prints for kids with brown skin, so I don’t buy anything with white kids in it because, like you, I don’t want to send that beauty message to my beautiful brown daughter. There are some ambiguously brown girls in Children at Play and I really don’t mean that to sound dismissive because it’s great, but it’s not the dark skin and curly hair we’d want. For a baby, though, could you just color the skin on this Red Riding Hood? It’s such a cute piece!

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