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Winners! And Bathing Your Quilts

Binding pile. Four shades of turquoise.

I put some turquoise binding on my newest rainbow quilt, I have fancy pictures in the fancy camera but it’s Sunday morning and I don’t want to drag it out. It’s four shades of turquoise kona cotton. I like the subtle variation.

And I randomly selected some winners of my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway – yikes, 350 comments! There were sooo many awesome jokes, it was a delight checking in every few days. I was surprised how many folks said they don’t know any jokes – well y’all – I ALWAYS have many jokes on hand, day or night. You could run in my house in the middle of the night and wake me up and demand a joke and I’d say, “Penguin walks into a bar and says, ‘Have you seen my brother?” and the bartender says, “I dunno, what does he look like?” or maybe I’d just say, “Aah! How do you dial 9-1-1?”


What’s red, white and black?

A zebra eating licorice !

I took me a minute to figure this joke out – I was thinking it was black licorice and so where was the red coming from? Blood? In my house, red licorice is called “Twizzlers.” I seem to remember a zebra joke about “black and white and red all over” that has a more gruesome ending. Anywho, the best jokes take a minute to puzzle out, in my humble opinion, so I love it!

Knock Knock
Who’s there
Lion Who
Lion on your doorstep, please let me in!

And I’m so happy a knock knock joke won, cause yeah knock knock jokes!
Bucket of quilt, water, woolite and a dash of vinegar.

Ok, so here is me washing a quilt. I have taken to hand washing my signature quilts in a big green bucket. This is a queen sized quilt, it’s in a very big bucket. I throw in some Woolite and some vinegar, which supposedly helps set ink and certainly doesn’t hurt anything. Then I toss it through the spin cycle in the washer and into the dryer.

Fascinating, hmmm??

More Fall Quilts…

My lovely assistant, Mr. choose two winners for Kona Color Cards in my Megastorm giveaway! If you didn’t win, I am going to be having an Aurifil thread sampler giveaway in the near future, so keep your eye out for that!  If you like reading about wild storm stories, definitely check out the comments – thanks everyone for your stories! I really enjoyed reading them. Ok, without further delay:

NancyinSTL says:

On a road trip to New Orleans, several years ago, my husband, Sandy (short for Sanford), and I drove through the eye of Tropical Storm Bill. I had never been so scared in my life and actually prepared myself to meet my maker. I was certain that it would be the end of us. We couldn’t even see the tail-lights of the car ahead of us and the wind had blown large trees across the interstate. Never, ever, ever (as Taylor Swift would say) will I allow myself to get caught on the road in a storm like that.

Sam says:

No crazy storm stories…but I do dream of the power being off at work, but not at home, so I can stay home and sew :)

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt
I finished this quilt – a simple but neat traditional pattern.

I quilted leaves around the edge, and did the rest in a grid. I might have done something with more leaves, but the recipient is using it as a signatures, so I’ll let the words take the center stage of the quilt.

I love the browns with a few spots of bright leafy fall color. I am also loving diamonds lately. These blocks look like they are set on point, but it’s just a trick of the Shooting Star block.
Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

The back is simple for me, I loved this floral fabric and didn’t want to cut it.

Fall Lattice Signature Quilt

It’s a beautiful fall day! Now that I’ve adjusted to the colder weather a little, I am loving the crisp air and that fall smell that is like nothing else. Blue skies and bright colors on the few trees that still have leaves.

Fall Lattice Signature QuiltIt’s Wednesday, so I’m linking up with the folks at Freshly Pieced Work in Progress Wednesday. This quilt is finished though, hope I’m not breaking the rules…


PSA…Don’t forget to enter my Megastorm Giveaway – the last day is tomorrow.

Well, golly y’all, I’m pleased as punch that my Rainbow Derecho quilt was nominated in the “Bed Quilt” category in the Bloggers Quilt Festival I highly recommend going over there – the quilts in all the categories are really just absolutely lovely and I am so impressed with Amy’s Creative Side for the work it must be to curate that show.

And while I wouldn’t mind if folks vote for my quilt, I really am just enjoying this neat on-line event that showcases so much fabricy talent.

In fact, I am loving it so much that I was trying to get the Quilt Festival website to load up on my phone while I was at the Jay Z/Bruce Springsteen, and you know, that president guy, Barack Obama rally today waiting in between acts. If you have never been to a political rally with 18,000 people and with artists and politicians you adore, I highly recommend it.  Sadly, sharing the cell network with 18,000 of my friends made it nearly impossible for me to look at quilts mobile so I had to wait until I got home this evening to experience the excitement of more voting!

While I was looking at quilts, Matt kept busy trying to pull up Nate Silver’s polling website during the rally. He is basically this cartoon right now.

When not recycling the endless piles of election materials showing up in our mailbox I’ve been working away at this quilt, another fall quilt, which I showed some options for pattern layout earlier.  I took a quick shot of it this morning, more to come when it’s finished. Fall Trellis Wedding Quilt

It’s a very traditional block and traditional for lots of signature quilts, which this will be used for. I think it will look great covered in well wishes and happy hopes for a new couple!

I’m linking up with other quilty projects Sew Modern Monday over at Canoe Ridge Creatins. She has some lovely quilt as you go projects – I just did my first project like this recently and agree it is genius.

Signature Quilt Blocks

Recently all my quilting time has been so feverish and swamped I haven’t been taking many process photos – just a few quick shots at the end of each quilt and off in the mail.

Signature Quilt Blocks

I love the process of quilting, including my current stage I’m in – which is watching the neatly starched blocks stack up on the edge of my desk. These are for an orange and navy wedding signature quilt. My brother’s wedding had an orange and royal blue theme years ago, and I remember it being an edgy (and awesome) choice. Now it seems like every other bride I talk to has orange and blue. Maybe it’s a fall thing. I can’t get enough orange these days.

I’m linking up with Manic Monday

Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Fall Gardens Wedding QuiltI first met the incomparable Lauren aka Lolo when she was living on a West Virginia ridgetop with a bunch of nuns on fourwheelers. Though I loved her mountain retreat, we spent most of our time together blowing off rural steam in the big city of Charleston.

I can thank Lauren for introducing me to a bunch of cool music, and I’m pretty sure she was with me at the concert where the married lead singer of a very well known bluegrass band asked me to go to the bathroom with him. What did he want me to do in the bathroom? It will remain one of my life’s biggest mysteries.Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Lauren was also the girl who got the mission, “Hey, I think I want to go on a date with this Matt guy,  check him out for me.” and the report came back, “He is really nice and smart, a good cook, with really nice teeth.” I was thus sold on my future husband, and I’m sure his parents are happy to hear that after all the orthodontist bills…
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
Fall Gardens Wedding QuiltAnyway, I love this creative, kind gem of a human being and am really happy she found a guy worthy of her cosmic babe energy. I have never met the groom, but I have seen pictures, and he has really nice teeth.

I made this quilt for her and Chris – I have been thinking of it as my Fall Gardens Wedding quilt, with a flare of orange for a fall wedding. The little boxes are like neat little community garden plots, and the wild overgrown jungle leaves quilted on top are the reality of what my garden actually looks like.
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
I based the quilting off of the Ikea fabric on the backing. I am tickled with the quilting, and thinking to make some embroidery patterns based off some of the designs.
Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt

Every time I pass the exit to Lauren’s mountain shangri-la I think, “Yay! my friend Lauren lives here.” But she doesn’t anymore! And I don’t live in West Virginia anymore either, though if we both still did, I’m pretty sure our band would be world-famous with our first international pop hit being, “Let’s start an Action Sandwich”Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt
Congrats to the happy couple!
October 2Fall Gardens Wedding Quilt012 282

And linking up to some other Friday finishes! 

Fall Wedding Stars

Oh my stars, it is coooold. I feel worn out just from being cold – it has almost frosted the past few nights, and no, we didn’t turn on the heater. Matt wants to wait till December…we’ll see…

But speaking of oh my stars, I am excited about fall colors in this fall quilt! Matt points out to me that it is Virginia Tech colors – burgundy and orange – as requested by the bride. I was actually fussing back over the binding color for ages – worried that it was too crimson, but decided that umm, that’s crazy. Burgundy and crimson differences aside, it was the right color for the quilt.
Fall Wedding Stars
I have been thinking about how modern quilts often don’t have borders – this one sure does! It’s been a while since I made a quilt with borders and I was a little puzzled how to quilt it. I went with more straight line quilting, as I like the way that hangs, and this one is intended to be a signature quilt and this way the signers will have straight lines to sign if along – if they want to sign along the borders.

Fall Wedding Stars
Ok, the back is looking really Virginia Tech to me. Matt and his sister both went there, Matt says he doesn’t really care about the sportgames, but he always seems to know when OSU or VT win at their sportball. I went to a tiny liberal arts school and essentially majored in activism, so I really am just learning about all this team spirit business.
Fall Wedding Stars

Another color thing only a quilter could care about – I used kona pfd for the centers of the stars and kona bone for the rest. I was hoping for a subtle glowy effect, and I wish I’d gone with an even whiter fabric and maybe a few darker cream patches to emphasize it even more.

Fall Wedding Stars

I have always loved every kind of star quilt, and this one is no exception. I could look at this pattern all day. I don’t know if they show up in the pictures, but I used Anna Maria Horner’s fabrics for this, and the colors were so rich I felt like I could dive right into them.
Fall  Wedding Stars
Sort of like the beautiful rich colors this fall!
Fall Wedding Stars

Linen Wedding Signature Quilt

If you keep an eye on my flickr page – and, you know, I’m sure you do breathlessly check it 100+ times per day, you may have seen pictures of this linen block quilt popping up here and there.

Here it is being basted via my patented (not actually patented) front porch basting method. It is a lovely coincidence that the parts of my porch not covered by furniture = a king size quilt.

Clematis and pinning quilt in progress

And thank the gods of thread and rotary cutters I took this picture, because after I quilted this bad boy, I tossed it in the wash and…hold on to your hats…ink came out of it.

I am a very calm person with perspective on the fact that there are worse things in the world than faded quilt ink, but I had to set it aside for a few days before I could look at it. I then used this picture to re-construct the really faded parts and touched up the parts that had only faded a little. Wow, it only took me a second to type that sentence, but it took me, umm, at least 8 seconds to touch up the ink on this quilt.

It is made with Robert Kaufmann essex linen/cotton blend, which is lovely to work with is HEAVY in a queen size quilt. I pre-washed and tested the fabric – in fact, I have a piece of exact same linen with the exact same markers in my group of ‘test swatches’ that has been through the washer probably 20 times with no fading – so I have no idea what happened.

Linen Wedding Signature Quilt

But during some lovely audiobook listening (The Night Circus anyone?), I fixed up the ink, heat set it twice, tested it with a little toothbrush spot scrubbing with no fading, and sent it off to it’s owner with a note to hand wash it in the future.

This quilt, like all the other custom quilts I’ve worked on, was a really fun project to chat with the customer and come up with a design we were both excited about.

All that being said, there were a few moments in there where I wished I had a regular full time job, because day dreaming about working part time and making quilts with the rest of your time is sometimes more satisfying than the actual process…But no, I’m a very lucky person.

The back is this fun pink print – can you see the seam where the two pink pieces meet? – Maybe? I tried to match them up.  I like this technique of adding the cream linen fabric to stretch out the backing a little.

Back of Linen Wedding Quilt

Scrap Linen – Putting Pieces Together

Scraps for Linen Quilt

I am working on a linen wedding quilt which I just need to finish the backing for, pin it, quilt it, bind it. Oh that’s it!

In the meantime I have all these scraps which were calling my name…I have been doing mainly custom wedding quilting and wanted to do something totally my own design.

And of course I had to show off our gorgeous clematis, which I love, despite the sinus infections I am pretty sure all the pollen gave me. Not pictured – the monarch butterflies that have been hanging out in this cool new pollen joint.


Linen Scrap Quilt

I also recently lost a dear friend and piecing all these scraps into something soft and pretty appealed to me.

Linen Scrap Quilt

My quilting assistants have had my back during this crappy time.

Cat Quilting

I’m linking up with Freshly Pieced‘s lovely selection of other works in process.

Orange and Blue Block Party

Orange and Blue Signature Block PartyBlocks and blocks! I love the crazy mess of frames this quilt is turning into.

My quilt tester ran right out onto this queen size lay out the second I had the last block layed down. I guess he approves.

This is for another wedding signature quilt – this one will have signatures in the white areas – which are actually an ivory.

I am trying to decide whether or not to put sashing between the blocks? Thoughts? It would be the same ivory color as the signature areas (Kona Bone)

I’m linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced for the first time in months. Lots of fun stuff!

Raw Edge Applique Testing Testing

I am interested in quilts as usable, washable, durable art. I love the idea of making beautiful things that can be tossed in a washing machine, and the way that use and abuse changes the look and feel of the quilt over time.

The problem is, how to predict how use and abuse are going to be affecting your quilt?

Raw Edge Applique Fray Test - Before Washing and Drying.

I love the look and convenience of raw-edge applique but I don’t like it to be THAT raw of an edge. So, I am conducting an experiment where I test out different fusible webbings, fray check and different edge sewing techniques to see which wears best. I throw this in the wash with every load. I’ll update it in a month or so.

The other side is different fabric marker brands and colors.

Signature Fabric Marker Test